How Does It All Work?

Are you interested in learning about how your cooling and heating system works? First identify the type of system you have. There are two general types with some variations which are described in the table below! You will have either a Split System or Packaged System.

System Type Location/Description Equipment Name
Split System You have part of your unit on the ground outside of your home and part of your unit inside of your home. It could be in the attic, a closet or even your garage. Outside Equipment is called a Condensing Unit. Inside Equipment is called an Air Handler
Split System with Gas Heat You have a Gas Furnace next the air handler in the attic. Condensing Unit is called a Straight Cool Condensing Unit. You have Gas Heat because you have a furnace.
Split System with Heat Pump – very common in the Arizona Desert as our cool temperatures do not get very low in the winter. You have a Heat Pump and you do not have a Furnace. This means that your outdoor condensing unit has a “reversing valve” that changes the type of air flowing through your home – it will either be heated air or cooled air. When your heat pump is being used you may feel some cool air coming through your home. This is because it is going into the “defrost cycle”. Your Equipment is a Heat Pump Condensing Unit. NOTE: Sometimes you will also have an electric heater also called heat strips installed to give a heating boost on colder days. They are located close the duct work near your air handler.
Package System These are generally on the roof. This means that both the air handler and condensing unit are in one boxed metal package. (Sometimes a package system will be on the ground outside the home. This is more common in mobile home parks.) It will either be a Gas Packaged System or Heat Pump Packaged System.
Packaged System – Gas You have a gas furnace included in your package system on the roof. Gas Pac
Package System – Heat Pump If you do not have gas to your home then you have a condensing unit with a reversing valve to switch from heating to cooling in your packaged unit on the roof. Packaged Heat Pump

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