Products for Your Peace of Mind

Never worry about your cooling or heating System again!

Let's face it, life can be busy! If you're like most people, you have better things to be doing than dealing with a problematic HVAC system or vandals looking for metal scrap. Fortunately, with our "Peace of Mind" products, you can have one less thing to to be concerned with. Whether it's vandalism, equipment failure, electrical surges, routine maintenance or condensation damage - we'll have it covered for you!

Call us TODAY and start enjoying a little more peace of mind.

Surge Protection

Did you know that your HVAC equipment can be damaged by electrical surges?

Lightning is only one of many possible causes. Find out how to protect both your HVAC unit and your wallet!

Balance Air Temperatures with a Damper Package


Without dampers, one room can be too hot and another too cold. Learn how we can make certain every room in your house is comfortable by perfectly balancing your HVAC system's airflow and improve its efficiency in the process.

Prevent HVAC System Vandalism and Theft

We can save you time and money!

For Sale,
For Lease,

Signs like these posted on your property will draw thieves like a magnet. Consider our Silver Service Theft Deterrent program featuring our "Pit Bull" HVAC Disconnect Protector.

Prevent Water Damage

Did you know that your HVAC's condensation lines can clog up, possibly damaging your home?

Find out how our "Aqua Guard Dog"can protect your home and property.

Improve Your Air Quality

Did you know that the pollution level inside your home is typically two to five times worse than the air outdoors... and sometimes it can be up to 100 times worse!

Find out how you and your family can be breathing clean air in your home.

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  • Prevent water damage with
    "Aqua Guard Dog"
  • Prevent theft with our
    "Bull Dog"
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