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Our Philosophy

We want you to know our philosophy and approach to coming up with a system to charge a fair and reasonable fee to diagnose and repair your air conditioning and heating system. We use a STRAIGHTFORWARD Pricing Guide. This means we take into account several factors for each type of repair and come up with a set price for the repair.

Pricing/Cost Factors

  • The amount of time it generally takes to diagnose a problem.
  • The general cost for the type of part.
  • The amount of time it generally takes to do a repair.
  • The cost of doing business including purchase & maintenance vehicles, truck inventory, gas, how much we pay our service technicians and installers with all the additional payroll expenses, all insurances – general liability- auto- workers compensation; and other overhead and administrative fees.
  • Taxes are included in the pricing. Although taxes vary throughout the valley… it can be up to 7% or even higher for the repairs we do for you.
  • We need to generate a profit to stay in business and pay our staff.
  • R-22 Refrigerant (FREON) costs more! Learn more about the legal reasons for this change.

Time/Labor Plus Materials Can Cost You More

Sometimes people want to know how much the materials and labor are especially if they are concerned that our prices are too high! We know that by using our Cost factors outlined above, we have come up with a very competitive and predictable pricing structure. When you do time (or labor) plus materials, it can actually cost you more. The reason: no one has complete control over how long each individual job or each technician will actually take. Although our trucks are fully stocked with standard parts, if we don’t have the exact part on hand, then you are going to pay for someone to go to the supply house to get the part. That is only one example… and there can be many more. With our STRAIGHTFORWARD pricing guide there are no surprises… you know the exact cost before we start the job.


Before any work is performed, our experts will tell you the cost. Upon request, they will also show you where the fee is in our STRAIGHTFORWARD pricing guide. No work will be performed until it is approved by you. In the interest of full disclosure, there are times when we will only be able to tell you part of the cost because sometimes… it is not until we do one repair that we are able to uncover or diagnose additional problems. Although this is a rare situation, it does happen.

Our Warranty

We provide a 1 year part and 1 year labor warranty on all repairs!

Save Money with These Special Opportunities for You!

Maintain Your Equipment


  • Preventative Maintenance performed yearly saves money.
  • Our Silver Service Maintenance Plan give you discounts all year long.
  • Pre-season specials are available for equipment maintenance!

Peace Of Mind Products


You can prevent a/c water damage to your home – save money, save time!

Save money with a Surge Protector!

There is an easy way to eliminate one room that is too hot or too cold.

Upgrade Your Equipment


Nationally, the average longevity for Air Conditioning equipment is 19 years. In Arizona, the average is more like 12-15 years due to the triple digits of a summer in the Valley of the Sun! Upgrade to higher efficiency equipment and you WILL save money every day.

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